About Us

Innovation with Educational Solutions


Education Online Tech, is a provider of integral and differentiated educational solutions for the development of curricular and instructional designs, production of virtual learning spaces, digitalization of impactful courses in content and interactive material, hosting services, technical support, and an extensive range of projects to generate effective learning instances for universities and educational institutions at a global level.

The goal of Education Online Tech is with the objective aimed at helping educational institutions achieve excellence through the integration of content, services and technologies aimed at creating enriched digital educational environments to strengthen the learning of their students, increase motivation, increase participation and opportunities for success.


Education Online Tech relies on educational-technological solutions designed to respond globally and integrally to all the needs of an educational center. We have an experienced and qualified team of professionals who adapt the best technological tools for the development of virtual environments that incorporate curricular designs, virtualizations, learning objects and specialized technical support, focusing their work on the total fulfillment of the needs of our clients, in a timely and effective way, and achieving that the processes of virtual learning is totally interactive and adaptable to the learning platforms.

Education Online Tech offers different functionalities, grouped into two major service areas:


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