Otero Consulting Group in alliance with Educación Online Tech, now offers a diverse catalog of services that can help your educational institution evolve to the next level of in education.

We at Otero Consulting Group can help your school take the next step to meet the demands of modern education. Our offer covers a wide range of services that go from concept and design, to development and support. Amongst our services, we offer custom learning management systems, custom websites, custom academic software, and more.

We are committed to help your educational institution accomplish your objectives, contact us today for a free consultation, and let Otero Consulting Group guide you to the next level of education.



We evaluate management processes and direct them towards better e-learning practices.


We design and propose a methodology according to the training needs identified.


We advise on the selection of tools and e-learning environments, as well as service providers taking into account their needs.


We evaluate, select, design and develop the most convenient study resources.


We evaluate profiles and training needs and propose training programs for teachers, tutors and administrators involved in their e-learning project.


Academic Software

ACADTECH 2.0, is an administrative software for the academic control of an educational institution at any level. It allows the registration of users, careers and curricula, development of curricular mesh, issuance of certificates and reports, and other activities that an educational institution requires in its academic activities.

Administrative Software

ADMINTECH 2.0, is an administrative software, linked to ACADTECH 2.0, which allows the control of classrooms, sections, cohorts, human resources management, teacher payment and accounting of payments made by students and / or participants.

Issuance of Certificates

CERTECH 1.0, is a web application that is installed in the hosting of the educational institution and interconnects with the existing database for the issuance of certificates and certificates online. As well as the subsequent verification with a unique random control number on the verification page.

Online Payment Systems

PAYTECH 1.0 is a module for the control of registrations and online payments in the United States. If another country is required, local legislation will have to be evaluated.



Implementation of platforms and accommodation. Our experience supports, and provides the necessary tools to achieve the desired objectives.


Adaptation of curricular designs for virtual environments. Our ability to offer an adequate and reliable academic development helps to foster the academic adoption of technology and, in turn, increase student participation.


We follow quality standards for virtualization and digitization of content in Scorm formats:

  • Attractive graphic design that motivates the willingness to learn.
  • Instructional design that favors the collaborative participation of students.
  • Reusable formats that favors the content update.
  • Guides that guide the development of the course.
  • Downloadable files, videos, exercises, didactic games among other academic resources.


Education Online Tech, puts at the disposal of its clients professional services for curricular developments of new or existing professional careers and advanced training programs.
Our curricular developments aim to achieve successful learning outcomes with the appropriation of competences by the student, fully mobilizing knowledge, skills and attitudes to respond appropriately to situations of professional practice globally.
We design models that make the most of the interactive didactic elements that integrate strategies to achieve a maximum level of commitment and permanence of students.
The curricular solutions we offer are classified in five levels, according to the instructional value and the objectives of the users:

  • Curriculum design level: Direction of syllabus creation activities for academic programs.
  • Level instructional design: Direction of activities of creation of Functional Scripts (digital narratives with which the virtual courses are configured).
  • Content Development Level: Direction of content development activities in the development of syllabus and functional scripts.
  • Verification of final versions: syllabus, functional scripts, learning resources.
  • Creation of regulations, formats and rubrics for the facilitation of teaching and student performance in virtual courses.
  • Curricular development of new academic programs.
  • Advice for the improvement or permanent adaptation of learning objectives or competencies to conform, adaptation or inclusion of contents, review of methodologies, strategies and resources.
  • Monitoring of internal consistency between course purpose, learning objectives and content.
  • Analysis of the audience (students), of available technological resources (platform), of the time available to develop the course.
  • Establishment of learning goals.
  • Creation of teaching, learning and evaluation strategies (formative and summative) of the learning, in internal consistency with the type of contents, learning objectives and institutional curricular approach.
  • Implementation of feedback strategies.

Content experts

  • Development of topics and sub-themes required to encourage the construction of knowledge and generation of learning, according to the purpose and objectives of the course, as well as the disciplinary field and the distribution or integration of the transversal axes defined in the curricula.
  • Academic blog planning by thematic unit.
  • Selection of multimedia, hypermedia or transmedia resources determined as important and necessary for the achievement of learning purposes.
  • Virtualization level: Creation of virtual representations of curricular units, incorporating contents, learning strategies, teaching strategies, formative evaluation, summative evaluation, and multimedia, hypermedia and transmedia resources, in order to increase the efficiency and usability of systems interactive and distance learning.
  • Multimedia design level: Creation of multimedia resources with applicability in distance and online education systems, ensuring internal consistency between the defining elements of the resource such as instructional purpose, learning objectives and content.
  • Administrators level: Hosting service and technical support, software downloads, and administration of your account.
  • Developer levels: Information management, and technical support necessary for the proper functioning of your virtual environment.
  • Level of technical services and training: Help and training for the proper management of the virtual environment.


Education Online Tech puts at the disposal of its clients the professional services of facilitators with academic degrees of masters and doctorates, and certified by the agencies authorized by the Department of Education of the United States of America. His extensive pedagogical experiences in different areas of knowledge and expert mastery in the use of educational platforms (Moodle, Canvas, etc.) guarantee the attention they provide to all management functions and monitoring of teaching and learning processes required by the educational institutions.

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